April is here! Green season is here!

4/10    Blog  Starts

Green season blog starts as of now!

This year 2011’s green starts 4/29 with Canoe, Kayak, MTB, and climbing.  There is still winter snow left on the mountains, so canyoning and MTB DownHill will start as the ice water from the mountain gets slightly warmer or disappears from the trail.  Dates will be announced soon, but canyoning and MTB DH will start sometime in May.

Snow mountain top in April.

4/15   Featured in Be-pal Magazine

These days the term “Yama Girl” or “mountain girl” has a trendy phrase.  However, we have not seen much of the stylish Yama Girls in Hakuba.  In fact, we see more of Tsukinowa bears than the Yama Girls.

Anyway, enough small talk.  In the above magazine, there is a little information about Evergreen. The Happo onsen is also featured there.  Come check out all of the 4 Happo onsens!


4/18  Towards the top of Happo

If you hike a little above Happo, you can still reach all snow fantasy land this late in April.