Hakuba Snow Report – 9th Mar 2011

Weather conditions: Cloud, light snow
New snowfall: 10cm (upper); 2cm (lower) [Goryu official]
Snow depth: Hakuba Goryu Top : 275cm [official]
Snow started to flutter lightly last night but in the valley we were left with only a sprinkling; a little more up top with Goryu reporting around 10cm on top with 2cm at the base. Snowfall has begun again and is currently falling lightly though hasn’t really begun to accumulate yet. The forecast is for a decent amount of snow today/tonight so we can expect this snow to continue.Visibility isn’t the best up at altitude but good enough to enjoy yourself.Temperatures are remaining fairly low – 0 degrees in the valley and -6.5 at 1400m, so the snow we get should be pretty decent. No real wind either so should be fairly consistent accumulation throughout the resorts provided it doesn’t pick up and blow our fluffy light friends all over the valley.

The forecast is for light-moderate snow showers through this week up to the weekend when it looks we will have great weather; should be a good one for those coming from out of town start making some travel plans!