Hakuba Snow Report – 5th Feb 2011

Weather conditions: Overcast with some breaks of sun
New snowfall: 0cm (upper); 0cm (lower)
Snow depth: Hakuba Goryu Top : 315cm [official]
As forecast it cleared up yesterday in the afternoon, getting warm in the sunshine during the day but the clear nights are cold. Snow has been melting off in the day, forming thin puddles and freezing overnight causing some major slippages to pedestrians.Beginning to warm up today already, 1 degree at the Ski Jumps and 0 at Happo’s Usagidaira (1400m). Again we have no real wind to speak of, just light Easterlies around 2m/s.

Sun is poking through at times but we mostly have overcast skies with pretty flat light at elevation. This weather looks set to persist over the weekend though we may see some light snow showers tomorrow evening. We could see pretty warm temperatures in the day tomorrow, cooling again into the start of the week.

Busy weekend this one with full car-parks at Happo by 8:00AM, play safe and enjoy!