Hakuba Snow Report – 3rd Mar 2011

Weather conditions: Some cloud
New snowfall: 10cm (upper); 5cm (lower) [Goryu official]
Snow depth: Hakuba Goryu Top : 285cm [official]
It didn’t dump but its great to see some fresh snowfall in the valley! Goryu are reporting 10cm up top and 5 below, and we had some accumulation overnight in the valley which pretty much matches this. Temperatures are colder than they’ve been for a while, currently -5.5 in the valley, -11 at 1400m and -17 up at 2080m. We got some strong winds overnight up high and picking up this morning up the top of Happo; it blew a fair bit of snow around in the valley so we can assume there will be some better pockets of pow and some real wind-swept areas.There’s some high cloud up there but visibility on the resort is pretty good. All in all it’s a cold one but a good day for getting some much-missed fresh snow. Snow showers are forecast through today and tomorrow hopefully bringing in even more fresh stuff, at this temp powder will be dry and light. Enjoy the latest gift from above!