Hakuba Snow Report – 23rd Mar 2012

Weather conditions: Cloud, rain > snow
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 235cm (Top of Goryu)
Morning from Hakuba. It has been raining this morning unfortunately, but that is as we were expecting really. BUT!! As I have been writing this report though, good news – turning into snow down in the village even so it should be snowing higher up right now. Whether it can keep doing this or not remains to be seen, but…. more of it please!

Yesterday we had some very strong winds blowing around, the ‘haru-ichiban’ – a strong wind that always get when spring has arrived. The winds have now calmed down for today.

Temperatures are remaining warmer, and it looks like it will keeping fairly mild into tomorrow but it will drop down and get colder again over the weekend. You want snow? Looks like we are going to be on the receiving end soon enough, probably today high up as the rain continues in the village but we should be seeing snow at village level as well sometime tomorrow. If the forecast has got it right we may actually be getting a decent amount of new snowfall by the end of the weekend and into Monday. (You can tell I wrote those last few sentences before it turned into snow falling in the village just now – but there’s every chance it will revert back! Borderline stuff at the moment!)

Cloud covers all of the village and mountains this morning, so pretty poor visibility out on the mountain.

It’s very quiet at the moment in Hakuba but with the weekend tomorrow no doubt things will liven up for the weekend. If you are visiting, take care and have fun out there. Spring-like conditions out there for the most part right now – think granular (zarame) – but tons of fun to be had. The new snowfall forecast over the next few days should see conditions improve, so collective finger-crossing everyone…