Hakuba Snow Report – 29th Jan 2011

Weather conditions: Light snow
New snowfall: 0cm (Goryu top); 0cm (Goryu bottom)
Snow depth: Hakuba Goryu Top : 320cm [official]
No snow overnight, overcast with alright visibility below 1800m first thing this morning but clouds thickened out and snow has started falling slowly and just begun to accumulate on cars parked since the lifts opened around 8 with around 1cm on the windscreens.

Winds are light and have moved overnight from NW to SE; cold again today, -5 in the village and around -10 at 1400m. Forecast is for some decent snowfall from the afternoon especially tonight, with weather slowly clearing through next week and temperatures possibly coming up some.

Tomorrow morning should be a busy powder day being the weekend no doubt we’ll see lines at the Gondola; as much as we don’t like sharing its always good to see Hakuba’s Powder getting the love it deserves…see you in the queue for first gondola!