May Hakuba Update


5月30日  Good-day

Although Sunday, we are never lazy at Evergreen!  A few staff members followed Dave to the Mountain Bike Downhill course for a good ride.  Kaz, James, Yasu, and chef Dane of Roots cafe had a great exercise.  Mr. Snake came out to greet them on their journey.

Right before the starting point of the trail, there is a place with a huge kanji sign”白馬夢農場” and the gang enjoyed some lavendar softcream ice cream.  Neither sweet, nor spicy, it was subtle taste.

In the winter, this store is part of the ski slopes of Minekata, and we usually do a small chat and take photos past the store to get a great view of the Northern Alps.



5月19日 Chiba Funabashi Middle School Trip

Every year the students get to choose where they get to go and this year they have chosen to do canyoning with us.  The 7 students and 2 teachers had a fabulous time, ducking under fallen trees and sliding down white waters.

Everyone arrived safely!

5月17日  Dive into Lake

Today was such an amazing day that we invited staff Carl and Hana to join us at Aokiko.  Drinking coffee on the canoe, just a simple relaxing time.  The water was a little bit too cold that we only lasted less than a minute in the water.  Refreshing!

5月16日  Slo~~~w Life

The weather is getting warmer, and May is one of the most refreshing months in Hakuba.

After skiing for the morning, it is always good to end with a 3pm happy hour bear, then to head off for afternoon exercise MTBing or riding the canoe and reading a book slowly.   Then to finish off the day with a warm bowl of soba with fresh mountain greens & veges on top.  The best part is that there is almost nobody so it’s just you & you spending quality time.

5月14日    T.I.S. Grade4.

Super energetic kids from Tokyo of TIS, Tokyo International School.  The 4th graders had an awesome 3 day adventure in Hakuba out of the big city.  Amongst nature, we had incidents where kids grew homesick for their families.  But these 9 year olds were brave enough to endure camp fires and some time outdoors away from their normal city lifestyle.  We hope they had appreciated their time living amongst nature.

5月13日  30cm fresh pow

Hakuba endured 30cm of fresh pow wow in May!  Most likely our last snow for the season.  I’m sure most people of Hakuba enjoyed their last run.

5月12日  Edible Plants

This is an edible plant called Koshiabura, mainly used in tempura dishes.

5月10日  Canyoning starts 15th, Saturday

In Nagano we provide canyoning and in the months of May-July the water is high so a thrilling adventure is definitely expected.  If you are above middle school age, it is safe to participate.

We are starting May 15th this year!

5月4日  Thank you~~

Today Evergreen we did a goodbye BBQ party for 3 staff that has been here since winter season.

Scott–a really nice guy whose Japanese has improved the most.
Kelli–super sweet and would do anything.
Josh–with a big personality and ego, but a really good good guy.

The three of them, from their bottom of their hearts are passionate about snowboard, surfing, and Japan.

Thank you.
Have a great lifestyle in Australia.


5月3日      Cherry Blossom Full Bloom

Hakuba’s cherry blossoms are finally in bloom.  Because April’s weather wasn’t too warm, they bloomed a tid bit later this year.

5月2日  Hakuba Photos


Snow is finally melting and we are pumped up for Green Season!