Summer July in Hakuba

7/29    Hakuba Minami Elementary School


Although it was pouring rain with 5 mm in an hour, the children did not let the rain ruin their summer days at Aokiko.  They were all smiles and really enjoyed navigating their own kayaks.

7/24 Hotaru is ON!

Aokiko’s “hotaru” or the firefly have started to come out!  Hotaru Tour is on and you can enjoy seeing them until obon season of August.

Beautiful Heike Botaru at Lake Aoki


7/18   Lake Swim

Our clients’ dog Ponta challenged himself to swimming in the lake.

He had a strong expression of pride, as if he had just overcome a challenge.

 7/16   Natural Cooler

The 3 day weekend was really warm, perfect temperature to enjoy the cold waters that melted from the snow on top of the mountain.  From now on, the water level is pretty constant, and children can also enjoy canyoning as well.

7/15    NEW Camera

We bought brand new shockproof and waterproof cameras for tour usage.  The purple Pentax WG-1 will not miss taking your smile during tours.


7/10  Staff training

From July 4th for 4 days, our staff did canyoning training.  They learned how to tie knots and practice over and over until perfection.  They learned new rope system, and for the new staff they have a lot to remember.  The last day of training was actually going down the canyon.  But the training still goes on. For you to be an official canyon guide, you need to pass the test given by the chief canyoning guide.

7/8   Hello from Lithuasia

Today’s clients were from Lithuasia.  They were  Vekko & Anna.  They currently work in Tokyo and it’s been awhile for them to come spend tie in nature.  They seemed to reminiscent their home country.  Aitäh!Thank you for coming!


7/7    Slow Life at Aokiko

There isn’t that many people camping out in Aokiko just yet, so you pretty much have the whole lake to yourself.
Going through the tree tunnels, spotting fish, and swimming is so refreshing!

7/5    Morning Mountain

The greenery reaches closer to the top of the mountain.  You can easily ride the Gondola to access 2000 m up into the mountain, so females and children can get a fantastic view.  Now is the season to hike.

7/3      Tokyo to Hakuba, the cheap way

From Tokyo to Hakuba, we found you a cheap bus of 2400 yen one way!  It is called Onsen Liner.

If you type in Google: 温泉ライナー you should be able to find it.

So so so cheap! Come visit us!


7/2    Enough Water

Happy July!

The hot humid season in Japan, a perfect day to cool down while canyoning.  The green is the greenest it can be for the whole year.
During canyoning, you can go down natural made slides, the stones so smooth from the pressure of water gliding.  There’s a lot of jumping from big rocks into the water as well!!  There’s a lot of water so the thrill even heightens more!