28th Jan 2011

Weather conditions: Partially Cloudy
New snowfall: 10cm (Goryu top); 0cm (Goryu bottom)
Snow depth: Hakuba Goryu Top : 320cm [official]
Winds are howling this morning and there was some disrupted gondola/lift action in the morning – Goryu have just got their Gondola running but top lifts aren’t moving yet and Happo’s top lifts are also suspended; though most of the resorts websites are showing open operations right now so things should be ok for the rest of the day, but with the winds things may change quickly.

Perhaps surprisingly, just to the north in Otari at the Cortina resort, they are reporting 35cm of fresh snow up top and 20cm on the lower slopes (perhaps the pick of the weekend for fresh snow?) Conditions should be very fine over there today. Tsugaike are also showing a bigger rise so it looks like those resorts got more overnight than the ones in Hakuba.

It is partially cloudy this morning with the sun poking out at times. Good visibility up to around 1600m where it starts to flatten out. It’s relatively cold in the village compared to the last couple of days and will be much colder if you get caught in the wind that is blowing about.

This is the first day in a long time we haven’t had snow falling softly. Local forecasts are suggesting this may not be the case for much longer with snow forecast for tomorrow evening/night which could make Sunday a good day to be on the slopes – not like every day isn’t of late, of course! Actually maybe fairly heavy snow due on Saturday night but it should calm down on Sunday and then it looks like we are on for a run of progressively clearer weather and things should be warming up somewhat into next week as well.