Hakuba Snow Report – 27th Feb 2012

Weather conditions: Cloud, sun
New snowfall: 0 cm
Snow depth: 125cm (Village); 290cm (Top of Goryu)
Early cloud has been gradually lifting and clearing this morning so far in Hakuba and right now there’s quite a bit of bright blue sky on show over the village. Somewhat different to what some of the forecasts are saying for the region, but if it carries on like this it will turn into a very fine day.

Yesterday it was a generally snowy day though it didn’t amount to a whole lot down on the ground in terms of new cm. This morning the resorts around Hakuba and Otari are reporting between 1cm and 10cm of fresh snowfall overnight.

It was a cold night with temperatures down to around -7 in the village and right now it is around -5 degrees. It should keep cold with a high of around -4 today. And if those forecasts are to be believe a chance of snow showers as well. Would be good actually because from tomorrow we are going to start getting warmer again and there’s not much on the horizon in terms of snow until at least the weekend. It’s going to be a dry one by the looks. A high temperature of around +7 on Wednesday and Thursday in the village looks likely and it’s going to be hovering around 0 up on the tops of resort areas as well.

There’s a bit of a wind up there this morning and the top Grat quad lift at Happo along with the Kurobishi No2 and No3 lifts are on standby hoping that it will calm down.