27th Jan 2011

Weather conditions: Light Snow
New snowfall: 10cm (Goryu top); 2-3cm (Goryu bottom) [overnight]
Snow depth: Hakuba Goryu Top : 350cm [official]
Snow ended up falling gently throughall through yesterday – enough to coat jacket and pants on riding the lifts. Visibility was pretty terrible at altitude but a lot of great snow and clear definition in the trees at least. Lots of powder on the edges of the resorts and great conditions on the groomers as well.

We are having fairly similar conditions today here in Hakuba. The sun is burning through a bit here in Wadano as I write this but visibility at altitude is much the same as yesterday, so no views to be had today!

Goryu are reporting 10cm of fresh snow on top and 2-3cm at the bottom this morning. It is cold up top today with a temperature of around -10 on Usagidaira but it’s a relatively mild -1 in the village; light S/SW winds even at altitude today not picking up too strong.

It looks like the weather we’ve been seeing for however long it has been now will continue for at least a bit longer – clouds with gentle snow picking up at times. We may even see the mountains again next week!