Hakuba Snow Report – 26th Feb 2011

Weather conditions: Mostly sunny with some cloud
New snowfall: 0cm (upper); 0cm (lower) [Goryu official]
Snow depth: Hakuba Goryu Top : 285cm [official]
The rain turned to snow around 4:00 PM yesterday and accumulated slowly. By around 10:30 PM it had tapered off and observed snow in the village was around 5 cms. Surprisingly good snow fell in the evening though – light and dry. The amount observed matches around what Goryu are reporting as well – 5 cms on lower slopes and 15 cms up top. A lot of people out there so the fresh snow will get smashed pretty quick, hope you make/made the most of it.Good weather and visibility today – sunshine with some clouds, can’t see the mountains all the way past Nagano City due to clouds but views of the Alps are great. Temperatures are colder than they’ve been over the last few days with overnight lows of -10 at 1400m and -6 at 760m, currently 2 degrees in the valley and -6.6 at 1400m though it looks like its gonna get hotter in the sun with a fair bit of dripping going on.

Up at 2080m we saw some strong winds this morning up to 21m/s from the NW, currently 9m/s, but no wind on the resort at 1400m and only 1m/s from the NE at the Ski Jumps.

The upcoming weather forecast is for warm weather and a fair bit of rain over Monday/Tuesday with temperatures starting to drop from Tue/Wed and a lot of snow to follow…and we’ll be here waiting for it!