Hakuba Snow Report – 26th Feb 2012

Weather conditions: Cloudy, snow
New snowfall: 3 cm
Snow depth: 125cm (Village); 290cm (Top of Goryu)
This morning we saw the beginning of the snow flurries we are expecting for the day. They should continue throughout the day with the occasional break. Temperatures have definitely dropped from yesterday – it feels colder – and we will see freezing levels below the valley level.

This morning we saw temperatures of -2 C in the valley with lows reaching -7 C and highs of 1 C perhaps a bit later on. Up on the resorts we are expecting a range of -2 C to -5 C at the lower lifts and -10 C to -12 C with a wind chill of -18 C on the upper lifts. The freezing level will remain below the valley level at 350m with light breezy wind from the NW and W.

3cm of snow has fallen since yesterday but will fall as drier snow throughout the day today. As the day progresses we are expecting perhaps another 3-5 cm or so falling today.

Monday should see light snow showers sporadically during the day and Tuesday we should see the sun again with beautiful clear skies. That’s what the forecast is saying anyway. Not a whole lot of snow after that until at least the weekend with warmer temperatures expected again especially around Wednesday and Thursday. Let’s ask whoever is in charge to keep the temperatures low!