Hakuba Snow Report – 25th Feb 2011

Weather conditions: Light rain
New snowfall: 0cm (upper); 0cm (lower) [Goryu official]
Snow depth: Hakuba Goryu Top : 285cm [official]
We experienced rain starting sometime last night and with Goryu reporting no new snow and positive temperatures not dropping below 2 degrees at 1400m overnight we can assume rain fell pretty high up. Up at 2080m temperatures were in the low minuses but that doesn’t mean fresh snow on the resort unfortunately.Temperatures are currently 6 degrees in the village, 2.5 at 1400m and -1.5 at 2080. Winds are 8m/s from the SSE up at 2080 and 2m/s from the same direction at 1400m. Visibility is good on the resort but average above the top of the resort boundary.

It is still raining here, though lightly. The rain has wet up the ground a fair bit, be careful when temps drop again as things will get icier than they already are.

The forecast for today is for temperatures to through the day and we may see some very light snowfall overnight with tomorrow forecast to be a sunny day out there which should help to soften up the washed-out conditions on the resort.

The longer term forecast is for more rain Sun through Wed, snow from Thursday.

Don’t let the rain get you down and keep on form. Enjoy the good weather tomorrow and start looking forward to the snow next week!