Hakuba Snow Report – 25th Feb 2012

Weather conditions: Cloudy, snow
New snowfall: 3.5cm
Snow depth: 140cm (Village); 290cm (Top of Goryu)
After yesterdays eventual sunshine, this morning we have been greeted with Big Fat Snow Flakes falling at a moderate rate. Not of the driest variety, but snow all the same. We have received 3.5 cm of new snow overnight as the surface temperature hovers around freezing. This morning we are expecting similar mild weather with precipitation. But with added snow! Resorts are reporting 5cm or so of new snow on the slopes this morning.Into the day and afternoon we should see temperatures dropping as the freezing level hopefully goes below the valley level.

This morning was 0 C in the valley with a high expected to reach 2 C or so and a low of -2 C. Up on the mountains there is variable visibility with highs of 1 C and lows of -1 C near the bottom lifts and a range of -4 C to -7 C up top. The freezing level will hit a high of 1200m today but will lower to 350m by night fall. Winds will come from the W and NW and are light so not causing any issues for lifts today.

Temperatures will continue to lower as we progress through the weekend and snow accumulation will be mixed with clearings. We should see snowfall, but not a huge amount. The start of next week will yield some colder temperatures, light snow and sunshine is currently projected for Tuesday.