24th Jan 2011

Weather conditions: Light snow. Expecting more snow towards tonight.
New snowfall: 5cm (Goryu top); 1cm (Goryu bottom)
Snow depth: Hakuba Goryu Top : 340cm [official]
It seems like it started snowing just before I got out of bed. There has been no new snow on the ground overnight, but it has started snowing in Hakuba early on this morning. It’s not heavy snow at the moment, but looking at the local weather forecast it is saying that we are in for some heavier stuff come tonight.

The lowest temperature is -6 early on and highest is 0 at the base today. South to South West Wind and calm so it should be a fine day out on the slopes with fairly decent visibility considering it is snowing.

So it sounds like it’s not going to stop snowing pretty much all day today. Looking forward to tomorrow, there is a chance according to some forecasts of a clearer start to the day but generally it looks like we can expect more snow. We shall see.