Hakuba Snow Report – 14th Feb 2012

We experienced a nice dusting of snow overnight with new snowfall of 5cm in the valley. The morning overcast skies should ease up with a chance of breaks in the cloud. Snow conditions are soft and malleable. This afternoon, clouds should roll back in as freezing levels stay high potentially bringing some light rain on the lower slopes.

It is currently 0 C in the valley and expected to warm to 7 C. Up on the resorts it is projected to range from 0 C to 4 C down low and stay below freezing up top ranging from -2 C to -4 C and a wind chill of -10 C.
The rising freezing level will reach 1300m (mid mountain) but will cool as the week continues. Winds are a light 2 m/s in a SW direction.

5-10cm of new snow has been recorded in the resorts around the village which is enough to soften up the piste. Temperatures will slowly drop over the next few days with a mixture of sun and cloud. Our next significant snow fall is projected to land Thursday night and continue through Friday. The weekend should see fresh conditions with cold temperatures and clearing skies.