23rd Jan 2011

Weather conditions: Light snow, sun poking through at times
New snowfall: 30cm (Goryu top); 10cm (Goryu bottom)
Snow depth: Hakuba Goryu Top : 340cm [official]
There has been around 5-10cm of fresh snow accumulated through the day yesterday and some more over night.

30cm of new snow is being reported fresh on Goryu this morning at the top (though up at Tsugaike we are hearing around 10cm) and 10 below on the lower slopes, so definitely enough for first trackers to find some nice powder to rip.

Light snow is falling in places still early on and also the sun is poking through right now, so it’s possible that the clouds could burn off a bit through the day.

Light South/Westerly winds at 2,000m and similar temps to the last few days, -5 at 1400m, 0 degrees in the village.

The snow that was being forecast for tonight has shifted and tomorrow could be the night we get some more substantial fall – fingers-crossed!