Hakuba Snow Report – 10th Feb 2012

Weather conditions: Snow, overcast
New snowfall: 9cm village
Snow depth: 145cm (Village); 325cm (Top of Goryu)
This morning has provided us with overcast skies and slight snowfall. Throughout the day today we are expecting light snow and cloudy skies in Hakuba. Yesterday we experienced a dusting of snow on the breakable rain crust that formed earlier this week. 9 cm of new snow have been recorded in the valley with around 10-15 cm new reported on the resorts.

It is currently -6 C in the valley and -9 C up on the resorts. It is expected to remain cool throughout the day with the freezing level remaining close to sea level. The mountains are expecting to range between -3 C and -4 C with a wind chill making it feel like -9 C down low and up in the alpine we will still be experiencing cold conditions with temperatures reaching -12 C and a wind chill of -21 C. Winds will be light at a rate of 2 m/s coming from WSW and WNW.

Tomorrow it is projected to have clearings throughout the day and light snow showers to round off the weekend. After that it looks like it might get milder again around Monday/Tuesday bringing with it the potential for more sunny conditions.