Hakuba Snow Report – 9th Feb 2012

Weather conditions: Snow, overcast
New snowfall: 10cm village
Snow depth: 145cm (Village); 295cm (Top of Goryu)
The valley has been covered with 10cm new snow with some glimpses of blue sky. We are projected to receive snow throughout the day, but the occasional clearing wouldn’t be turned away.

It is currently -7 C in the valley with a high of -1 C expected. Up on hill it is expected to reach a chilly -13 C to -14 C with a wind chill making it feel like -25 C. So bundle up and be prepared for the mountain conditions. We will see winds upto 5 m/s from W and WNW direction keeping the cool weather coming from the Mainland. The freezing level will remain at sea level.

Upwards of 15cm of new snow have been recorded in the resorts and we are expecting to keep receiving precipitation through Friday. Saturday we should see some clearings with a similar look on Sunday.