Hakuba Snow Report – 8th Feb 2012

Weather conditions: Snow, overcast
New snowfall: 3cm village, 15cm Goryu
Snow depth: 145cm (Village); 295cm (Top of Goryu)
Good news as this morning we have returned to winter.

Snow is falling lightly and will continue throughout the day. The Storm from SE ASia is well to our East allowing for the normal winter conditions to resume. We should see overcast skies today carrying on to the weekend.

It is currently -2 C in the valley with a high of 0 C projected for the day. Up on the resorts we are expecting a range from -4 C to -7 C with a wind chill making it feel like -14 C. Up in the alpine it is expected to reach -15 C with a wind chill of -26 C. So a drastic change from the past two days. We will receive a light breeze from the west at speeds upto 4 m/s and the freezing level will remain low.

Just a few cm of new snowfall in the village but up to and around 15cm of new snow have been recorded in the upper parts of the resorts – the most being reported at Cortina (20cm), with more projected for the day. We are expecting this system to loom around for a few days before we see clearings for the weekend so hopefully there will be more snowfall to report over the coming few days.