Tri-Modal 2008

Little bit of snow…

There’s been a bit of snow this season…check out the state of the summer vans here

Evergreen Backcountry Tours

Evergreen guides have been busy running 2 or 3 backcountry tours a week over the season…check out some shots from a recent fox course here

BC Shots

Lots of snow recently and as we all know the BC has been pretty unstable but the Evergreen Team have still been able to find some good safe terrain for some nice face shots. Check out our photo gallery here for some photos taken over the last few weeks…hikes, snow-pits, tree runs and some pit deep pow!


Another bluebird day…


Hakuba Photo Gallery

Got a Hakuba related photo you’d like to share? If so send it to us at with the subject “Photo for your blog” and if we decide its worthy we’ll put it on our website here.

Evergreen Goryu Base

This season has seen us at Evergreen set up a base center at Goryu Skifield. Located on the first (that’s second if you’re Japanese) floor of Escal Plaza it provides a means for people in the Goryu area to have quality lessons with English speaking instructors close to their accommodation. Someone is there everyday from 8:45-2:00 and lessons are available for half-days (AM 9:30-12:00, PM 1:30-4:00) and full-days (9:30-3:30 with a one-hour lunch break). Drop by and say hello…

January RAC/ARAC course

The long weekend of January 12-14th saw the first avalanche awareness course of the 2008 season. Our intrepid adventurers on the advanced course observed and investigated the fallout from a large Size 3 avalanche from the peak of Hakuba Norikura Dake. The crown fracture was an average of 70 cms over a width of 200 meters and ran close to a kilometer to it’s run out on the flats of the Tsugaike shizen. There were massive blocks of high density wind slab and debris that was piled 5 meters deep in places. The avalanche is presumed to have happened in the early hours of January 14th. Photos courtesy of Sarah Mulholland (basecampphotography) can be found here