15th Jan 2011

Weather conditions: Light snow
New snowfall: 40+ cm
Snow depth: Hakuba Goryu Top : 275cm
No real snow falling as at midnight last night but once again we woke up to powder everywhere you look, 40 cms or so in the valley and more up top. Goryu are reporting 35 cm up the top but in real world terms we have people either loving it or buried and completely stuck in it. From the lifts it’s a mixed bag of everything from skiers and boarders wooping up powder to the same again stuck in snow, digging themselves out, looking for skis lost in powder and trying to get the snow out of their goggles.

No need to stray anywhere of the resorts today with sick conditions everywhere you look. Winds from variable directions but no strong gusts at all. We had a low of about -5 in the valley overnight and -8 at top of Happo gondola, currently -7.5 up there and around 0 degrees in the village.

Its still snow snow snow on the radar possibly another big dump overnight and this weather continuing over the next few days get out there and enjoy it!