Hakuba Snow Report – 15th Feb 2011

Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: 15cm (upper); 15cm (lower) [Goryu official]
Snow depth: Hakuba Goryu Top : 315cm [official]
Just like the forecast said yesterday, we did get some fresh snow overnight. Because of the higher temperature and humidity, those freshies are not the lightest of snow, but fresh is fresh!Temperature at the base here is around 0c and -2.5c at top of the Usagi Daira (1400m). Wind could be the key for today. Happo and Goryu looks pretty mellow wind, SSW 0.6m at 1400m Level, but Norikura area has been gusty windy this morning.

Seems like there were good amount of slides on the hill as well. This up and down temperature and amount of snow gives us unstable conditions over the weekend so be sure to be careful out there.

The local weather forecast says we are getting some sun and clear skies tomorrow. Play safe and pray for more snow.