Canyoning Tours in Hakuba and Nagiso

Canyoning in Japan is an exciting and exhilarating activity from May to October. The Kamoshika Canyon is one of our most popular summer adventures. Even in the swelter of Japan's mid summer heat, Kamoshika Canyon is an amazingly cool and shaded place to enjoy one of Japan's canyons. Over millions of years swift flowing water running down from the high plateaus of Japan's Northern Alps has carved out slick rock waterfalls and deep pools.

From using ropes to descend 15 metre waterfalls, sliding down multiple smaller waterfalls, swimming in deep fresh pools, jumping from the canyon walls to zooming down our 70 metre Flying Fox - you are sure to be thrilled. So come and see why everyone is raving about canyoning.

Kamoshika Canyon Half Day Tour

Our half day canyoning tour incorporates multiple sliders, spots for jumping and diving, beautiful pools for swimming, and a small zipline. In May and June the water level is high and children aren't allowed - a good time for those looking for a real white-water experience. From mid-July it is perfect for first-timers or families with children.

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Season: 2015
"A" July18 ~ August31
"B" July18 ~ September27
"C" July18 ~ August31
"Adventure half-day" May30 ~ July17th, September28 ~ October18

"A" 8:30 ~ 12:00
"B" 10:30 ~ 14:30
"C" 13:00 ~ 16:30
"Adventure half-day" 10:30 ~ 14:30

*please sign in 15 minutes before tour start
*Adventure half-day Tour is only available for ages 13-50

Kamoshika Canyon, Hakuba

Cost (¥)
Adults: 9,000
Children 12 & under: 7,500

Wetsuit, helmet, canyoning boots, canyoning gloves, harness, insurance, tax, trained guides (onsen vouchers available for 500 yen)

What to Bring
Bathing suit, towel - that's all!

First-timers with no experience? No problem. We will teach you the all of necessary techniques for a safe descent during the tour

From 8 years old / 130 cm+ / shoe size Japanese 19+

Minimum Group Size
2 adults

Kamoshika Canyon Full Day Tour (Hakuba)

Slide down natural features, repel or zip-line a 10m waterfall, zoom down a 70m flying fox, enjoy a picnic lunch in the canyon then continue on the half-day course in the afternoon - our full day canyon tour is perfect for those seeking an extended adventure in an amazing location. June and early July are recommended for people looking for rushing white-water.

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Season: 2015
July18 ~ August31 (everyday)
July1 ~ 17 and September (tour runs on National holiday and weekend)

9:15 - 15:45
*please sign in 15 minutes before tour start

Kamoshika Canyon, Hakuba

Cost (¥)
Adults & children 13+: 14,000

Wetsuit, helmet, canyoning boots, canyoning gloves, harness, lunch, shuttle to and from Kamoshika Canyon, onsen, insurance, tax, professional CIC guide

What to Bring
Bathing suit, towel - that's all!

This course is a full day of rigorous activity and requires some fitness endurance and basic swimming skills. You do not need to have prior canyoning experience to have a great time on this tour

130 cm+ / shoe size Japanese 19+

Minimum Group Size
2 adults

Nagiso Canyon Full Day Tour (experienced canyoners only!)

Nagiso is a huge canyon in southern Nagano. This is an amazingly beautiful canyon with many great features - high cliffs jumping into crystal clear pools, fun sliders down smooth rocks, stunning waterfalls and canyon walls carved by years of erosion. One canyoning tour that is not to be missed!

It is not a regularly scheduled tour, only pre-booked reservations. This is only a full-day tour. This is a large scale canyon and as such we must limit this tour only to people with prior canyoning experience (with us here in Hakuba or another canyoning company).

Click here to see Nagiso Canyon Full Day Tour Details

9:00AM - 2:00 PM
(Meeting is at 8:30AM, MIchi no Eki, Okuwa)

Meeting Point
If travelling by car we meet at the Michi no Eki, Okuwa.
>Click here for Michi no Eki Access details.

If traveling by train we pick you up at Junikane Station on the JR Tokai, Chou-Honsen Line.
>Click here for Junikane Station map.

We pick up respective parties at Michino Eki, Okuwa if they come in their own vehicle. If they are coming on the train we will pick them up at Junikane Station on the JR Tokai, Chou-Honsen Line. We will have all the wetsuits and gear with us for the customers in the van.

The tour includes a light lunch and we might have an onsen at the end of the tour, depending on the needs of your group. We will drop your group off at the same Michino Eki, Okuwa after the tour.

When you book this tour, please answer the 8 questions below for each member of your group. You can contact us through our contact page or mail

1) Name
2) Age
3) Sex
4) Height
5) Weight
6) Clothing size (S/M/L)
7) Shoe Size
8) Health problems
8) Travelling by car or train

Cost (¥)
Adults & children 13+: 15,000

Wetsuits, helmet, gloves, socks, boots, harness, equipment, CIC guide, light lunch/drinks, Onsen, insurance, tax and pick-up/drop-off service from station. *If you need meal after the Tour, Please tell us when you book the tour.

Swimsuit, towel, goggles (for people with contact lenses)

Minimum of 6 people, maximum of 14. From 13 years old / 130 cm+ / shoe size Japanese 19+.

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book button What is canyoning?
Canyoning is the sport of descending, well, canyons. These may be dry canyons but most of the time canyoning or canyoneering is done in creek canyons. Slide down waterfalls and splash in to deep pools that have been carved by millennia of fast flowing water. This is done by various methods: swimming, jumping, abseiling, using ropes, and cascading down whitewater chutes. There is some hiking involved to access the canyons, but about 80% of the time is spent in the water.

Are Evergreen's guides qualified to conduct such tours?
Evergreen Guides hold Swiftwater Rescue & Â Commission Internationale de Canyon (CIC) certifications. cic

Is canyoning safe?
There are associated risks involved, but we emphasize safety on our tours.

swiftwater rescue technician Do I need prior canyoning experience?

Do I need strong swimming skills?
Not really. All canyoning participants wear a thick wetsuit that helps you float, so moderate water skills are enough.

What gear should I bring?
Just your swim gear and a towel. All required gear and transportation is included in the price.

What is the best time for canyon tours?
Tours run from May through late October. Late spring and early summer have the highest water flow.

If on the day the canyon the water level is found to be too high, EOC reserves the right to cancel the tour. In this case alternate dates may be offered or full refunds will be made.

Would you suggest other canyoning companies?
We run our tours in association with Canyons, based in Gunma. For tours in Minakami & Kusatsu, contact them directly.

For tours in Shikoku contact Happy Raft.

Combo Activity Tours
We also offer combo tours where you can combine a half day canyoning tour with a half-day mtb, kayaking, rafting and so on. Check out our combo tour page for details.