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Evergreen Outdoor Center once again recommends English Adventure Summer Camps to families looking for a premier camp experience for their children, here in Japan.

English Adventure offers a range of summer camps for children of all backgrounds. You can choose either a 100% English program or a bilingual program for children needing support in Japanese.

Their Immersion 5-day and 12-day camps take place at Blue Lake Hotel on Lake Aokiko, in the beautiful Hakuba area that is also home to Evergreen Outdoor Center. And, new this year, their Challenge 5-day camps will be held in nearby Kashimayari Sports Village, on Lake Nakatsuna.

For complete camp details and registration, please visit English Adventure’s website: www.english-adventure.org

“English Adventure really cares about giving every single kid a quality camp experience. That’s why Evergreen is happy to be working together to give kids the best of both our programs,” says Evergreen Outdoor Center director David Enright.

By pooling the knowledge and experience of English Adventure with Evergreen Outdoor Center's 15 years of running professional outdoor programs and Summer Camps in Hakuba, we will be able to offer the premium summer camp experience for children in Japan. Please see below for detailed information about the new and improved Hakuba Summer Camp programs.

English Summer Camps in Hakuba, Japan

english summer camps in japan English Adventure camps are the ultimate get-away for children who are keen to have some serious fun while experiencing a fantastic summer program in Japan based in a natural setting at beautiful Lake Aokiko (15 min from Hakuba and one of Japan's purest lakes.)

Campers stay at Hotel Blue Lake (link in Japanese only), equipped with comfortable futons, onsens (hot baths) and buffet dinner/breakfast accommodating all dietary needs. The Extreme and Ultimate camps also include a night camping in tents on the top of the hills overlooking Hakuba village with an amazing view of the Northern Alps. Activities vary depending on the camp chosen and include outdoor games, swimming, craft, campfires, cook-outs, canoeing, hiking, mountain-biking, canyoning and more.

Challenge vs Immersion Programs

The English Challenge Programs allow your child to enjoy great activities all while gaining improved English skills and, most importantly, a positive attitude to English. Our caring bilingual staff are always ready to give your child support in language he or she can understand. We provide campers with fun and active English lessons along with opportunities and encouragement to put their English to use in camp life.

The English Immersion Programs are a truly English-only camp environment. We maintain a very strict English-only policy, while making it fun and natural to speak English during camp. The result? Kids remind other kids to speak English, so we rarely have to. Kids speak English even when they think no adults are around - in their tents at night, for example. Kids go home with regained fluency, and more motivation to maintain their precious English skills. As well, we often welcome campers who speak little or no Japanese. English Adventure Summer Camp is a great place for them to enjoy the Japanese outdoors in English, while making friends with bicultural Japanese kids and other children from around the world.

Summer Camp Guides & Activity Leaders

summer camp in hakuba Working in conjunction with English Adventures camp counselors will be Evergreen's guides and activity leaders. For specific sports or activities outside regular daily camp life, Evergreen will provide guides to lead these activities. Their goal is to make sure everyone has tons of fun while staying safe, so expect a great camp experience. Evergreen guides and activity leaders are all trained in First-Aid /CPR and maintain a safe environment for all participants in the group and pay careful attention to each child's abilities and requirements. Evergreen's guides and activity leaders have years of experience running Summer Camps in Japan and/or abroad.

About Evergreen
The Evergreen Outdoor Center has been operating guided tours in the Hakuba area since 2000. Founded by Canadian David Enright, Evergreen has been instrumental in developing outdoor recreation activities, ecology tours and mountain safety courses in the region. With programs that run year-round, we aim to incorporate a sense of respect and stewardship for our natural surroundings as they are not only a great place to play in but are home to a vast array of life, including ourselves! Evergreen will lead you on the first step towards excitement, personal challenge, teamwork, and love of the outdoors.

About Hakuba
Located at the base of two of Japan's largest ski resorts, Hakuba Village lies in the first main valley of the Kita (Northern) Alps on the main island of Honshu. It is less than one hour from the Sea of Japan to the north and one hour's drive north-east is Nagano City. During the 1998 Winter Olympic Games the international spotlight focused on Hakuba for the skiing events and since then the area has developed into a popular destination for the traveler seeking rugged peaks and fresh mountain air. Whatever time you plan to visit the region, you will be guaranteed an experience unparalleled in scenic panoramic vistas, massive jagged peaks and exciting outdoor recreation. Hakuba provides excellent opportunities for youth yet still retains a traditional rural atmosphere that makes visitors feel right at home.

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