Staff training for the Evergreen Guides

With Green season upon us it is time for the Evergreen staff to refresh their guiding and first aid skills. With a few days on the Saigawa and Shinano rivers, Lake Aokiko and Hakuba`s mountain bike trails – our guides are feeling ready to go. We were also fortunate enough to have two staffers from Backpacker Medics to assist with our first aid training and scenarios – a very educational few days.


Evergreen guide Yukie practising her safety talk. Here she is demonstrating the `neutral` and `ready` positions.



Yukie is being hands on by going around the group and checking their positions.



Instructor Ya-chan refreshing bike maintenance skills




Instructor Ya-chan demonstrating her `ready position` on the downhill trail



Guide Dave practising his safety talk



Some spontaneous first aid training with a scenario during our downriver rafting. In this scenario, the patient has sustained some head and spine injuries and the Evergreen guides are making a makeshift stretcher from two paddles and life jackets before transporting him across the river to a helicopter accessible area. Big thank you to Backpacker Medics for their fantastic first aid training.




Another scenario in which this patient has sustained a leg break. Evergreen guides here are splinting the leg and transporting him to safety – invaluable training!



Our patient being carried to safety.