More rafting fun on the Saigawa – June 10th 2015

Wednesday (June 15th) brought us another great afternoon of rafting on the Saigawa with a Junior High School group. Once again we had fantastic weather and happy faces!


EOC Guides Mitsu and Ben doing their safety talk. The kids are learning how to hold and use their paddles as well as a few rafting strokes.Mitsu paddle talk copy

Pre-river; Guide Dave demonstrates to the kids how to be pulled into the raft, should they choose to go for a dip! Safetly talk - kid into raft

The rafts set off from the start point and the kids have a chance to practise their newly learnt paddle strokes. crop1 copy

Getting into the excitement – EOC Guide Dave and team splashing through the waves!crop3 copy

Jaja and crew navigating through the rapids!

crop 2 copy