Telemark Ski Lessons on Hakuba's Happo-one

private telemark ski lessons in hakuba japan

Telemark skiing - also known as "free heel skiing". Unlike alpine skiing equipment, the skis used for telemarking have a binding that only connects the boot to the ski at the toes, just as in cross-country skiing. Telemark turns are led with the heel flat on the outside ski (the downhill ski at the end of the turn), while the inside (uphill) ski is pulled beneath the skier's body with a flexed knee and raised heel. This form of skiing has become very popular in Hakuba by powder skiing's elite. Learn proper form and powerful techniques to accelerate your telemark skiing ability before exploring the backcountry on one of our guided tours; join in the fun, telemark lesson details are below.

Our school is the ideal ski-in ski-out set-up with our office, meeting area, public toilets, rest area, day-care room, our own "Roots Cafe" serving delicious vegetarian food and drinks and a lift-ticket booth nearby.

Ages: 15 years and over

Levels offered: First time, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Max people per instructor: 4

*ski and snowboard private lessons must be booked separately
*please sign-in at least 15-30 minutes before the lesson starts
*for beginners lessons lift tickets may not be necessary or a "points pass" may be more suitable than a regular pass - please talk with the instructor prior to the lesson

Lesson Programs
Hakuba All Day
  • 6 hours: flexible pick-up and start time!
  • ¥49,500 for 1 person, add ¥4,000 per extra person

  • 10:30am All Day Private
  • 5 hours: 10:30-15:30
  • ¥43,000 for 1 person, add ¥4,000 per extra person

  • First Tracks Private
  • 4 hours: 8:30-12:30
  • ¥38,000 for 1 person, add ¥4,000 per extra person

  • Jump Start Private
  • 80 mins: 8:30-9:50
  • ¥16,500 for 1 person, add ¥3,000 per extra person

  • Morning Private
  • 2 hours: 10:30-12:30
  • ¥25,000 for 1 person, add ¥3,000 per extra person

  • Afternoon Private
  • 2 hours: 13:30-15:30
  • ¥21,000 for 1 person, add ¥3,000 per extra person

  • First Timer PM Private - specifically for first timers only
  • 2 hours: 13:30-15:30
  • ¥16,500 for 1 person, add ¥3,000 per extra person

  • Location
    All lessons begin and end at Evergreen Outdoor Center's Ski School (Happo Base) on the slopes of Happo-one. Click here to see Happo Base access details. If coming to our ski school by yourself, please arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to your lesson start-time. Alternatively, you may request our complimentary shuttle - details of this can be found here.

    Qualified telemark instructor (English speaking), tax and all the fun you can handle!

    Lift pass (except beginner lessons), winter clothing, knit cap, gloves, goggles and smiles! You will also need to have your own telemark ski gear.

    Evergreen does not offer rental service. Though there are a number of rental and retail stores spread through Hakuba, telemark skis are not abundant at rental shops. We suggest your first and perhaps only point of contact be:

    ››Rapie (outdoor Store in town; not far from Jusco Supermarket on Route 148, limited stock but full telemark rentals available)

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    book ski lessons
    Private Lessons Available December 7th 2015, 7 days per week until April 3rd 2016 excluding New Year's Day.
    Adult Group Ski plus All Group SB Available December 19th 2015, 7 days per week until March 20th 2016 excluding New Year's Day.
    Kid's Group Ski Available December 19th 2015, 7 days per week until March 27th 2016 excluding New Year's Day

    telemark lessons in hakuba japan

    Evergreen's Instructors
    Our guides are native-level English-speaking professionals who are talented at conducting lessons that are safe, controlled, and emphasize proper techniques while having a great time. All instructors hold instructing as well as first-aid certificates. We also have French, German and Spanish speaking instructors available on request.

    What is my ski level?
    We classify into 4 ability levels - Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. Click below to see these levels and take a moment to think about your goals.
    ››Evergreen Ski Levels

    Complimentary Shuttle Service
    For lessons at Happo-one, we offer a complimentary shuttle service before and after lessons provided you are staying within our pick-up area.
    ››Click here for details of this service.

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