Evergreen's Ski Level Evaluation Guide

Please take a moment to read through our levels and provide this for everyone taking a lesson. For Private Lessons this helps us choose the best instructor for your needs; and for Group Lessons this is important to help us group those of same ability.

If you are not sure of the level, please just give us a general idea. The more we know the better we can tailor instructors and groups (where applicable) to your needs.


  • This is my first time skiing / I haven't skied for years and need a full refresher
  • The lesson is given at the beginner area


  • I've skied a couple of times but only on the easiest green runs
  • I ride the chairlift and ski green runs comfortably but would like more confidence
  • The lesson is given at the beginner area


  • I can ski blue runs with confidence and enjoy the challenge of black runs and varied terrain, but I have difficulty skiing them with style


  • I am comfortable all over the mountain but want to ski with more performance