Summer Camp in Japan

Summer Camps in Hakuba

If you are looking for a long-running, respected, professional company offering a summer camp in Japan perfect for your child, you are in the right place. With professional international guides and camp leaders and over a decade of providing outdoor children’s camps, campers will have the chance to experience the very best of Japanese Alps in a fun and safe environment.

Summer Camp 2017

The 2017 Summer Camp Session Dates 

July 3rd – 7th    Water Wizards
8th – 12th   Mountain Masters
17th – 21st   Water Wizards
22nd – 26th Mountain Masters

It is able to join both water and mountain sessions consecutively.

All the course will be provided in 100% English!

Evergreen will create a truly exciting, fun and safe experience that will set the tone for a great summer holiday for the children!

Price and details are coming soon….

Summer Camp 2016
July 29th-30th

summer camp in japan - hakuba

The 2016 Summer Camp will give the children a chance to have fun with their friends whilst making new ones. The children will work as a team to build rafts, cook meals and make forest shelters. Camping over night, cooking, setting up and taking down camp will teach self reliance and camp craft skills.

The children will have the chance to use and hear native English with their instructors. (Japanese will also be spoken)

Evergreen will create a truly exciting, fun and safe experience that will set the tone for a great summer holiday for the children!

Who Is This Camp For?

Due to the adventurous nature of some of our activities, this camp is suitable for ages 7 through 12.


Our Camp Experience

summer camp in japan

Evergreen has extensive experience in delivering quality outdoor camps for young people. A popular choice for International schools throughout Asia, our guides are driven by a passion to share their love of the outdoors with others. All holding Wilderness First Aid certifications and with considerable experience in working with children, our guides come from strong professional backgrounds in various activities such as rafting, mountain biking, canyoning and canoeing. Most importantly ­they really love what they do.

Camp Schedule 2016

09:30 – Sign in @ Aokiko Lake

10:00 – Start ~ Introductions and Ice breaking

11:00 – Start building Rafts.

12:00 – Lunch

13:00 – Lake Rafting

15:00 – Off the lake. Change clothes.

15:30 – Set up tents / Start to get fire ready / Food Prep

17:30 – Eat dinner

18:30 – Clean up

19:00 – Games / hotaru searching

20:00 – Camp fire

21:00 – Ready for bed

22:00 – Lights out an quiet in the camp

06:30 – Wake up

07:00 – Breakfast prep

07:30 – Clean up / tent saa

08:00 – Morning swim

09:00 – Start Forest shelter building / capture the flage

12:00 – Lunch

13:00 – Nature English Game

14:00 – Pick up

Pricing & What’s Included

The cost for the 2016 Summer Camp is ¥18,000 per child.

This price includes all activities, 24 hour supervision. 1st day Dinner, 2nd day Breakfast + Lunch. (1st day lunch is not included, please bring your own lunch)

This price does not include transport to and from Hakuba.

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Not at all! Our camp is truly international, with many of our guides coming from within Japan as well as all over the world. Many are bilingual and our focus is primarily on youths enjoying the outdoors as opposed to the langauge.

Being an international camp, our campers come from both overseas and Japan.

We do discourage parents from seeing their children during the camp, even if they are in Hakuba at the same time.

While there is no need for anyone to bring an excess of money, there may be an opportunity or two for them to purchase souvenirs, ice creams, snacks etc… We therefore recommend for them to bring small amount of spending money with them.

summer camp in japan - rafting

More Info

With the exception of the overnight rafting trip, in which the kids will camp in tents and enjoy a BBQ dinner, all breakfasts and dinners will be provided in our comfortable International Lodge where the kids will be staying in dorm rooms. The lodge is equipped with showers, kitchen facilities, a library and cinema room. The children will receive 24 hour supervision with staff members and vehicles on site at all times.
With the exception of our farewell BBQ, all lunches will be provided by Roots Cafe, a vegan cafe that excels in providing healthy and delicious meals for all dietary requirements and/or allergies. Roots Cafe has extensive experience in catering for schools and large groups, and understands the importance of proper nutrition & diet in young people.

Campers are able to come to Hakuba via train or with your parents. If you are coming with your parents by car we meet on the first day of camp at 11:30AM at Hakuba Train Station. If you are returning home with your parents we meet at 2:00PM on the last day of camp at Hakuba Train Station.

 If you live in the Tokyo region, Evergreen’s camp counselor will accompany campers to and from Shinjuku station by train.

We prefer to have reserved seats booked beside each other to keep the group together as much as possible. To this end, if you will not be transporting your children directly and if they are coming from Tokyo, we ask you to request us to reserve and book tickets for your child. This can be requested on the registration form, and we will add the ticket cost to that of the camp for payment.

 We must purchase tickets at least two weeks prior to the date of travel to ensure availability, for last-minute entries we may have to ask parents to organise tickets directly.

summer camp in japan - campfireContact Us

Outstanding! Amazing! There aren’t enough adjectives to describe this trip, and this experience you have given us. The sports, the culture, the food, everything from day one to twelve has been amazing. It was a lot of fun, and you guys have been great. We will be coming back!