As we all know, learning extends far beyond the classroom walls, and bringing school outdoors from time to time can lead to invaluable experiences for students and teachers alike. Giving individuals the opportunity to experience, master and enjoy new activities in a fun and safe environment can lead to immeasurable personal development and the acquisition of new skills.

With over a decade of experience and an international team of professional guides, we here at Evergreen pride ourselves in the high caliber of our International School programs.


international school programs - downriver canoeing

Whether it is a one day camp or a ten day camp, the benefits of immersing our youths into nature and physical activities are legion. There is not a camp that passes by without individual students overcoming personal challenges, realizing their potential and creating lifelong memories.

Green Season Camps

Typically our Spring, Summer and Autumn camps include popular activities such as canoeing or kayaking on Lake Aokiko, mountain biking, canyoning, rafting, hiking, orienteering & tree climbing. While staying in a hotel is of course an option, many schools opt for camping, relying on the students to cook their meals, set their tents and have a truly outdoor experience.

We are able to provide everything from utensils, tables and chairs ­ to tents and sheltered eating areas. Whether it is the first or last day, students will be continually experiencing new things.

Winter Camps

international school programs - winter camps

Located at the base of a world class ski resort – Happo-one – we focus primarily on ski and snowboard lessons for our winter camps, as well as sledging & snowshoeing. All of our instructors are qualified and experienced, and all lessons are grouped according to individual ability level. Happo­-one is the largest ski resort in Hakuba, and there is plenty of terrain for all levels.

New in 2016

There is an exciting project going on in Hakuba at the moment which Evergreen is proud to be part of. This year Hakuba International School (HIS) will be running their Summer School from July 4th through 10th!

The HIS Summer School has a range of stimulating activities such as outdoor sports, computer programming, creative arts and music! Why not join in for a week of amazing learning opportunities in the stunning natural environment of Hakuba? Your child will conclude the week with new friends and great memories of their unforgettable summer adventures!

Plans are in progress for HIS to become a full boarding international school catering to students aged from 12 to 18 based on the international baccalaureate curriculum, opening its doors in 2020!

For more info please follow this link HIS Info

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There are a few different options available to schools for meal arrangements. Evergreen can provide the prepared meals or the ingredients with which the students make their own meals, or the students can purchase their own ingredients and cook their own food. If you have opted for a hotel, they will arrange the meals.

All meals provided by Evergreen will be prepared by Roots Cafe, which has extensive experience in catering for schools and large groups. Roots Cafe understands the importance of proper nutrition and diet in young people, and is able to prepare delicious substitutes for all allergies and requirements.

Generally 3-5 days is the standard length for most schools coming from within Japan, and 7-10 days for schools coming from overseas.

For the majority of our activities, we are equipped to continue the tours regardless of the weather. It is also true that with many activities, poor weather does not affect the enjoyment factor. However, for extreme weather cases we do have indoor alternatives using both our facility here and others in Hakuba.

Alongside ski trips, spring and autumn are always popular times for camps, as the temperatures are pleasantly cooler than mid-summer and the valley a little quieter.

international school programs - rafting
Getting your school involved

We have a very real passion for working with youths in the outdoors, and would love to assist you in creating the perfect camp for your school group. For further details on our programs and prices, please contact us at [email protected]

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Evergreen for the great work they did with the kids last week. Every students that was with one of the Evergreen instructors raved about them. You guys really made the trip for some of the kids here at TIS.