Lots of Snow!

We found nice powder skiing today off-piste at Cortina. The rain crust is faceting and weakening, but with no windslab or too-heavy loading, today’s conditions allowed us to ski most slopes. Photo by Bill Glude


Monday’s rain soaked the upper snow pack below 2000 metres and has since frozen with recent cold temperatures. At higher elevations, however, there is only a thin melt / freeze crust that is breakable and there is the possibility that this layer could propagate across open bowls and tight chutes. The new snow that has accumulated is increasingly unstable and will be prone to loose snow avalanches as the new snow continues to fall today and through the week. Stay to supported terrain at Tree Line and Below Tree Line, while travel in the Alpine is not recommended.

Snow is forecasted to continue falling today and through the week. All new snow will now be over riding the rain crust formed Monday night and can be expected to be unstable. Be careful of terrain traps that may be potential hazards of deep burial even with small loose snow avalanches.

Remember that recent load will continue to mean that the persistent faceted melt form crust of January 22 may still cause problems especially in the alpine above 2000 metres.

Play safe out there as the depth of new snow increases and always where your beacon when riding off piste and in te backcountry.