Cortina Splitboard Festival

This past weekend was the Cortina Splitboard Festival.  Did you make it out to Cortina? We hosted the after party at Roots Cafe with mainly Japanese customers.

















Our favorite had to be this Prior Fissile 173 - rode like a short board; quick; precise; great edging; solid traverses; thought-control instant turns; floaty tip and short tail. Tied for second were the Prior Spearhead 161 - another directional with a similar ride but more forgiving, a little less precise and quick; and the Jones Solution 161 - a directional twin with a nice early rise tip; rode like a shorter board; very precise, quick turns and solid edging. (Bill Glude, tester)

This guy seemed to want to join in, but he was a bit shy and we weren't sure whether we should set up his board goofy or regular. He spends a lot of time in the deep stuff though; could probably use a good powder board! ::)

Homemade splitboard technique demonstration - making the split cut using a saber saw and carefully-clamped plastic straightedge.

Homemade splitboard technique demonstration - cutting the metal edge.