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Hiking In Hakuba With Evergreen

Hakuba is a mecca for hiking in Japan and every day in the green season hikers board gondolas to reach the upper areas of the ski fields and then carry on to hike the Northern Japanese Alps. If you have ever wished to trek Japan, Hakuba is a fantastic place to do so with a variety of options – half-day, full-day and multi-day hikes.


hakuba ridgelines

Our half-day hikes generally involve hiking around 3 hours return to Happo-one’s Happo-ike and on full-day hikes we can summit Karamatsu – around a 4 hour walk – depending on the fitness level of your group and the weather conditions.

We also offer relaxing Nature Walks such as a half-day walk to the natural Hime River spring. On all tours you will be introduced to colourful Japanese wildflowers of the season as well as native birds and animals.

2016 Dates
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Time & Cost
*please sign in for all tours 15 minutes before tour start

Hiking Half-Day
about 2.5 hours in AM or PM
¥16,500(1~3 people), add ¥5,000 for each additional+tax

Hiking Full-Day
about 6.5 hours including lunch break (Not lunch provided)
¥31,500(1~3 people), add ¥10,000 for each additional+tax

Multi day Hiking
¥36,000 and add ¥6,000 for each additional up to 6 total per day, add ¥11,000 for each additional from 7th person+tax

Meeting Point
Evergreen Outdoor Center Kokusai Office

What is Included
Local guide, insurance

What to Bring
Hiking shoes/boots, shorts, t-shirt, rain jacket, snacks, water, sun hat/cap, camera

From 6 years for Half day Hiking, from 8 for Full day Hiking and from 13 for Multi day Hiking

Minimum Group Size
1 person



hiking in japan - hakuba peaksWhen it comes to hiking in Japan, Hakuba is truly a mountaineer’s paradise. Steep peaks rise up to over 2500m and with linked ridges climbers can access many of the local summits with relative ease. Some of the more popular climbing routes are the famous Three Peaks of Hakuba (Hakubasan-zan) and The Tateyama Alpine Route that spans across Nagano prefecture and Toyama prefecture.

Next to Hakuba, the famous Kashima-Yari East Ridge is a multi-day climb into alpine country. With this type of tour we use mountain huts and occasionally tents. Prerequistes for this tour are experience in mountain climbing and your own gear, however equipment rentals are available from Evergreen. Please contact us for more details.


Hiking in Japan - Mt Fuji Hiking TourTeam up with a group of other like-minded hikers and climb Japan’s 3776m volcanic monolith. From the 5th Station we will work our way up the switch-backing trail, pass through an ancient tori (gateway) and come to the summit where we can see 360 degrees and look into the huge crater. The ascent takes approximately 4hrs, and we can get up there to view the sunrise from the peak. Trek Japan’s ultimate volcano with us!

The easiest time of year to climb Mt Fuji is July and August. In other times of year, you cannot officially climb Mt Fuji but this is not so much a legal issue as one of safety. We can organise and have run hikes up Mt Fuji in April followed by skiing descents but this is an extreme endeavour involving considerable preparation and a degree of risk that must be understood, as well as requiring advanced skills. Please contact Evergreen for details.




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If on the day the weather is found to be too wet, EOC reserves the right to cancel the tour. In this case alternate dates may be offered or full refunds will be made.
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