Evergreen Avalanche Safety & Skills Training

beacon search in hakuba powder snow

Dave Enright is a professional member of the Canadian Avalanche Association and has instructed on recreational & professional avalanche courses for over a decade. The Avalanche Skills Training (AST) courses have been developed by the Canadian Avalanche Center and are considered the standard in recreational avalanche training. Click below for course details & dates.

If the dates we have scheduled don't work for you, and you have a group of 6 or more, contact us by email and we may be able to organise a special Avalanche Skills Training course for you.

The two day AST course developed by the Canadian Avalanche Center will teach you the basics of safe travel in the backcountry, allow you to recognize avalanche terrain and make more informed slope stability evaluations. You will learn proper self-rescue and group management techniques for the backcountry.

Avalanche Skills Training 1 - 2014 - 2015
December 15-16, 2014
January 3-4, 2015
February 14-15, 2015
February 28- March 1, 2015

25,000 JPY (backcountry insurance an additional 1,500 JPY)
Extension 12,000 JPY / day

Hakuba, Tsugaike Shizen-en etc

Textbook, CAC Avaluator, two full days of instruction (one day indoors & one day in the field), tax.

Winter clothing for all conditions, warm hat or knit cap, goggles, gloves, skis, or board equipment, snowshoes or skins and climbing system, pack with shovel, probe, extra hat/gloves/vest, water, lunch and of course Avalanche Transceiver. Rentals available at discounted prices for course students - see our rental gear and prices here.

Complete Course Outline
A complete course outline of the AST 1 can be found on the Canadian Avalanche Center website (click here).

Extended Backcountry Field Day
A one-day extension to the AST 1, this extra day of field training is for those who want a chance to further their training in avalanche assessment and consider attending the final two days of the AST 2. We will practice slope stability tests, field observations and route finding with the guidance and instruction of CAA Professional Member, Dave Enright.

For those who want more than just the basics, the five day AST course will complement learning from the AST 1 course and give you greater skills in the winter mountains. This course will cover avalanche mechanisms & dynamics, weather analysis and observations, multiple beacon searching (analog and digital), comprehensive terrain analysis, route finding, group management, field tests and observations, rescue scenarios and victim transport from backcountry areas. This course is a must for those who are truly serious about riding safely in the backcountry.

Avalanche Skills Training 2 - 2014 - 2015
January 17-19, 2015(Day-3, 4 and 5)
February 28-March 4, 2015

59,000 JPY (backcountry insurance an additional 1,500JPY)

Happo-one, Tsugaike Shizen, Hakuba Backcountry

Textbook, CAC Avaluator, one full day and three evenings of classroom and four days in the field, tax.

Equipment (same as the AST 1 course), one thermometer, one 8X or 10X loupe, one crystal screen, waterproof notebook and mechanical pencil for field observations. Rentals available at discounted prices for course students - see our rental gear and prices here.

Complete Course Outline
A complete course outline of the AST2 can be found on the Canadian Avalanche Center website (click here).

We encourage you to study as much about avalanche safety as possible, here are several articles by Dave Enright of Evergreen to get you started:

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Avalanche Awareness Nights

From January Roots Cafe will be hosting Avalanche Awareness Nights which are open to everyone. If you plan to venture onto the slopes this winter, plan on attending at least one of the Avalanche Awareness Nights. These evening events are aimed at helping make skiers and snowboarders aware of the avalanche risks associated with backcountry and out-of-bounds travel as well as show you where to get pertinent avalanche hazard information and how to understand this information so that you can make informed, safe decisions in the winter mountains.

The evening includes presentations by snow safety professionals, films and gear talks over drinks in a casual atmosphere.

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday, January through March.
Time:19:00 to 21:30
Location: Roots Cafe, Kokusai Lodge, Happo One
Price : FREE
Includes Movies, Professional Lectures, Avalanche Beacon Basics Drinks are sold at the 'Roots Cafe' bar for discounted prices.

Operations Level 1

The Operations Level 1 course is held once a year in Japan and is run by JAN (Japan Avalanche Network). It is equivalent to the Canadian Avalanche Association Level 1 Course.
This course requires Japanese proficiency and books out incredibly quickly...contact JAN for more info.

Evergreen Daily Hakuba Snow Reports

We at Evergreen make daily snow advisory reports based on our testing areas. The weather reporters and snow stability forecasters at Evergreen are professional and passionate about what they do and make it their goal to provide the most accurate accounts of the conditions in the Hakuba Valley, but this is no substitute for undergoing proper avalanche skills training.

››Hakuba Snow Reports updated daily in Winter